Abundance 2035

One big difference between the Transhumanist Party and other political groups in the UK is our vision for the extent of change that could take place over the next few decades, both in the human condition and in society.

Over the next six weeks, we want to turn that general idea into something more specific.

The plan is to come up with a list of bold goals for the UK to achieve by 2035. These goals should be memorable, clear, inspiring, and distinctive.

The process to develop and agree these goals will involve surveys of the members and supporters of the Party, as well as discussion and voting on the Party's Discourse forum.

For each goal that makes it through the review process, we'll need to have
*) A clear understanding of the current baseline (as in 2019)
*) At least a rough idea of how to transform the 2019 situation into the one envisioned for 2035.

Please find below an initial set of potential goals. Some of these goals are intentionally provocative. During the review process, some may be dropped, or changed, and many new candidates will surely emerge.

Please let us know which goals you agree with most, and which ones you disagree with most. Perhaps you see some goals as impractically ambitious, or others as too timid. Finally, what other goals would you want to see included?

To give your feedback about these topics, use the Party's Discourse forum. (If you don't already have an account on that site, you'll need to create one. It's straightforward to do.)


(Draft 01)

By 2035 (sooner in several cases):

1.) The average healthspan in the UK will be at least 90 years

2.) The fraction of people with mental health problems will be 1% or less

3.) Thanks to improved green energy management, the UK will be carbon-neutral

4.) Thanks to improved recycling, the UK will be zero-waste

5.) Programmes such as a UBI will remove the need for anyone to earn money by working

6.) World-class education to postgraduate level will be freely available to everyone via online access

7.) There will be no homelessness

8.) The crime rate will have been reduced by at least 90%

9.) The UK will be part of a global “open borders” community of at least 25% of the earth’s population

10.) Voters will no longer routinely assess politicians as self-serving, untrustworthy, or incompetent

11.) Parliament will involve a close partnership with a “House of AI” (or similar) revising chamber

12.) At least 90% of all red meat consumed will be lab-grown (cultured)

13.) Cryonic suspension will be available to all, on point of death, on the NHS

14.) Pregnancy via ecotogenesis will be available to all on the NHS

15.) Fusion will be generating at least 1% of the energy used in the UK

16.) The UK will be part of a organisation that maintains a continuous human presence on Mars