Hello fellow human being,

My name is Mathieu Gosselin, and I’m, along our fantastic David Wood, the newly appointed co-leader Officer of the Transhumanist UK party...

...and I’m french.

Deal with it. 

Maybe it’s time we start looking beyond where we come from and instead focus on where we go.

That's a lot more important than our petty little identity fights.

As a culture, as a civilization, as human beings, we need to pay attention to where we are going.

Right now we have no idea. 

We just mindlessly keep the wheel spinning not noticing the edge of the cliff ahead.


While the media keep your mind occupied and preoccupied with Brexit and so on, 

We, the transhumanist party, think it’s time we think beyond our current dramas. 

It’s like those stories where the two neighbours fight one another until they realize that there’s the zombie apocalypse.

No one is looking at the bigger problems on the horizon.

No one is paying attention. 

At least not the current political elite.

Brexit takes a lot of our mental energy and attention, and yet, everyday, important news goes by unnoticed without thought and without action.

For instance, the first genetically modified baby in China. 

What’s going on with this? What to think of it? What sort of ethical framework(s) shall we put in place?

Or the fact that artificial intelligence & big data is already being applied in undesirable ways, to control YOU and control OUR democracy.

Ever heard of the singularity? Or the possibility of an A.I overlord taking over humanity? The threat is not zero.

Or that soon enough, a whole lot of people will be out of a job because of automation. Opportunity or threat?

Or the fact that every day we find new treatments to cure diseases until eventually, we’ll stop dying. Great for individual! But what do we do on a societal level living in a society where death is optional?

What are the implications for humanity as a whole?

What are we going to do then?

We need to start focusing on those questions urgently before it's too late.

The future will increasingly be about leveraging technology intelligently: 

Promoting the technologies that work for us and demoting or protecting ourselves from the ones which don't.

A lot of us already feel left out with so many inequalities in our society. It’s fair to reward more those who contribute more, but how can we justify that one person gains, a thousand, a million, a billion times more than another? 

That’s just madness. 

Even that cannot last! 

Who will be able to afford to buy billionaire's products when the money would be concentrated in so few hands? 

Their billions won't last long.

Of course we’re all well aware that we’re wrecking the planet and yet we struggle to come together to fully tackle it in time. 

Our ecosystem is in terminal phase cancer and if we don’t change our habits rapidly, we are fucked. 

Let’s put it in plain terms.

Given the challenges ahead and where we’re currently going, there’s a rising chance our future will be one of complete chaos and social unrest. 

That’s not impossible. 


Nothing is written yet!

We have the unique potential to use use our social ingenuity to make the future truly amazing

Just look at all the wonderful things we have created together already, no other species can do this! 

Contrary to popular belief, the world is slowly getting better, we’re tackling wars, poverty, disease, one country at a time, and we’re not perfect but we’re doing pretty damn good! 

The battle is not over however. 

We need to push ourselves to be wiser and implement  all our powerful tools responsibly, for the benefit of human kind and the environment. AI, genetic engineering, nanotech, health tech and so on…

Those tools can be used for the worse and yet they could also be used to dramatically improve our human condition. 

But we don’t look at it because we’re oh so busy bickering at each others.


We need to start thinking about those questions seriously. 

Our society needs a redesign. Some of the problems quoted above in a capitalistic world might become opportunities in the new one. 

We could live in a world free of work. 

Where we would not be slaves of the coporatocracy. 

We would become better people. Focusing on more interesting adventures. A new journey awaits! 

Such as exploring the outer space. And inner space!

We need to think anew.

New times, new rules.

We’ve had it with capitalism, communism, christianism and so on… 

Those past ideologies were relevant at the time of their inceptions, but not anymore.

What we need is a synthesis of those ideologies, take the best from each and leave the rest.

Let's move beyond a particular one. Let's create positive sum games.

To put it simply:

Let's create a world that works for EVERYONE.

You, me, our neighbors, the planet. 


That means you, your family, friends, country, your pet, trees, even the animals that you eat, maybe they deserve respect... If you want to be treated with respect. Treat others in the way you would like to be treated.

That’s what should be on top of our respective minds. 

We should have the humility to accept that we’re not made out of gold and that others deserve wellbeing as much as we do.

At least we could agree with the aim, which is to make it work for everyone and everything.

That sounds simple enough.

This implies not always indulging in what we want and taking responsibility as individuals to do what we need to do as well. 

The world’s not gonna change from the top. The old-guard of politics have too much vested interests to change the system or they simply can’t think beyond it. Like a bunch of frogs who can’t think there’s a world beyond the pond.

We need to rely less on politicians to direct our fate and a little more on ourselves.

Can you contribute a part in the collective story of humanity?

Not just a vote. But through your actions and words. What can you do?

Don’t ask what society can do for you. 

Ask what can you do for humanity?

We want to offer platforms and tools to leverage the knowledge of everyone.

This is the direction the Transhumanist Party is moving forward with, building on 3 fundamental pillars:

  1. Positive social change through technology.
  2. No one left behind.
  3. Evidence-based Policy and Critical Thinking

I. Positive social change through technology.

You might not think of it as such, but voting, much like reading, writing, the printing press, is a technology.

Now think about how tech has changed our lives much more than any government politics in the past 15 years.

15 years ago,

We didn’t have smartphones.

We didn’t have giant social medias,

We didn’t have Youtube.

Those tools massively changed how we experience the world.

For better or for worse.

Technology is agnostic, It can be good.... or bad.

For instance, social media nowadays causing a whole lot of harm to our mental health.

It makes us feel inadequate about who we are.

Facebook knows how you function as a human being perhaps better than you know yourself and they are not afraid to use algorithms capable of altering your behaviour to keep you addicted.

And this is a big problem. In fact, that will be the main problem of those coming years:

How do we make sure technology works for us, as opposed to against us?

No one’s talking about that.

I took the case of AI. We’ve all learnt about the fears of an AI apocalypse. Well, perhaps it is time we seriously put in place some safeguards to make sure this doesn’t happen. The threat is not impossible. We have to apply a principle of caution.

But is the UK government nor any government in the world really focusing on it right now? 


No one does. 

This is a huge mistake.

Let's stop focusing so much on the party inside the boat.

Let’s pay attention to the icebergs.

II. No one left behind.

That should be a no brainer.

If we look at the history of humanity, it is one where we try to move towards more and more fairness.

And if we want to call ourselves ‘civilized’, we have to wisen up.

Become better people.

Help one another.

It’s as simple as this.

We’ve got to help each other out. We’ve got plenty of resources around. In fact, we might have even too much. It’s a matter of redistribution.

And of course, we have to acknowledge that the competition free market offered us has been a great tool for growth and that some individuals deserve to receive more if they gave more of themselves and pushed us towards excellence. Fine.

But we’ve got to make sure those who recieve are those who produce the value.

Not sucking up the value that other people create.

That's called stealing in my book. But of course in the capitalistic world it's called an opportunity! 

Yay! Let's all join up the planetary scale ponzi scheme! 

And the degree by which some are rewarded and the inequalities occurring in our world are just disgusting. 

We’ve become too greedy, too self-centred. 

We need to care about each other again. 

Build a safety net so that we all feel like we’ve got each other’s back. 

Plain and simple.

We're better than this.

Some greedy folks have lost their claim to humanity. Let's give them a gentle nudge.

And we need to think globally. Our problems are globals. 

We need to think of how we can match the interests of the self, the collective on a regional, national and international level and leverage innovative technology to bring about positive change in the world. 

And for that we need new political solutions. 

Innovations in the way we organize our society and we organize ourselves as human beings. Really.

III. Evidence based policy and critical thinking

We’ve got to reconnect with Truth.

As a culture we can’t keep making decisions that are arbitrary, that are made to maintain some people in power or work to benefit the few, we can’t take decisions in total disregard of facts and pretend things aren’t there. We’ve got to wisen up on that.

Empirical evidence is at the core of science and the solid building blocks of knowledge that gave us, the electricity, computers, cars and planes…

Thanks to empirical evidence, you’ve got all the technological wonders you appreciate today.

All the things which in the past would have been called magic, we’ve got them thanks to the use of empirical method so dear to our scientists and individuals who were rigorous about figuring out what’s really going on without emotional biases.

But for some reason, we don’t demand the same of politicians. 

We don’t demand that they act in line with Truth.

That’s got to change.

We need to make sure that what is being put forward is true. That we can verify it.

We need to test our hypothesis before implementing them at a large scale. 

Be pragmatic.

Let's welcome a new age of reason.

Equally, if we know something that ought to be true yet uncomfortable, we ought to do something about it, even if it means we’ve got to change our ways.

For instance, did you know that there are countless studies that show that alcohol in terms of social and personal harm is worse than cocaine?

On the other hand new and solid clinical evidence tell us that psychedelics have the potential to positively impact the lives of many people massively by curing depressions and anxiety with as little as a single intervention.

Now what I’m saying might seem controversial because we’ve been brainwashed all our lives into thinking psychedelics are bad. 

But the evidence is there. It's not about what we have affinity for.

Let's update our beliefs to reflect reality.


When you're not aligned with reality, in clinical term it's called a "delusion".

And we live a huge collective delusion at the moment.

Given that we are disciplined about truth, it could radically improve our condition.

It might just take some time to adapt. 

But we’ve got to acknowledge things for what they are. 


These are the 3 main pillars of the transhumanist party, but that’s just the beginning and there will be many more. 

To add more... we want your contribution.

We need you to tell us what you think.

Voting is a very limited way to get someone’s opinion.

It’s rather primitive and doesn’t reflect all the nuances of someone’s mind.

That’s why we think what’s best is to do something at a higher resolution. 

So we’ll launch many initiatives from surveys to live events to get your side of the story. 

We want to lead not by imposing our limited view on the world, but gathering the best of the collective.

You tell us what you want. 

It's not about people.

Let's not put people in power.

Let's put ideas in power.

Plain and simple.

And it could be YOUR idea! 

We can all contribute to a certain extent. Let's be creative.

They have the money, the power and the arrogance.
But we've got the drive, the brains and the humility.

So then we can synthesize what everyone’s concerns, aspirations and hopes, and let the best ideas win. 

It shouldn’t be about X, Y and Z ruling, because people are flawed. 

It's about having catalysts who are able to listen and synthesize! 

We find ways to leverage our collective intelligence to move forward.

Let’s use everyone’s own kind of genius.

Let’s be creative. Not reactive.

Let's start a conversation.

Because if we find the right ways to work together and create positive-sum games: We win.

We just have to begin with the right end in mind.

And our aim is such that we want:

  1. Individual wellbeing
  2. Collective Wellbeing
  3. Environmental wellbeing

And we’re willing to try a bunch of things just as long as they move the needle in those 3 areas.

Then retain what’s best and move forward in the chosen way.

So we need volunteers in all sorts of areas.

Tell us how you’d like to contribute.

Tell us what YOU want.

What would you like to see?

How can we be better as a political entity?

Help us help you!

What kind of future you want?

And start being part of the change this world needs.

And it’s such an exciting time that everything needs to be built.

So seize the opportunity and join up today!