In favour of Cannabis legalisation

“Drugs have destroyed many lives, but wrong government policies have destroyed many more” – Kofi Annan

There are 3 Million regular Cannabis users in the UK.

68% of Londoners support legalisation.

It is an integral part of British culture. Yet one not fully acknowledge. One hidden under the rug that politics do not want to address by ignorance and fear of alienating a part of their audience.

Yet, Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol. The evidence is overwhelming.

The war on drug is a total failure. Fueling the epidemic of stronger drugs and sponsoring the black market. While legalisation would put some of this money back from tax money in the pockets of British citizen, making the streets safer and consumption healthier.

What more, this evidence comes to us by the biggest ever done drug study financed by the UK government itself in 2010:

"Drug harms in the UK: a multi-criteria decision analysis", by David Nutt, Leslie King and Lawrence Phillips, on behalf of the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs.

Yet, the major political parties are still being backward looking when it comes to it. Neither the Conservative, Labour or UKIP supports it.  The Green Party supports its decriminalisation (Which we think is still hypocritical and would leave the black market alive), gladly the LibDems supports legalization.

And so is the Transhumanist Party.

And this for those reasons:


As transhumanists, We believe in personal freedom. Our bodies are our own, and what we choose to do with it should be a matter of personal choice.

For society as a whole, it is far less harmful and one could say beneficial in our times of stress and anxiety epidemic.

Times change, habits change. When 3 million people become consumer, society laws needs to adapt to the situation and not pretend that it does not occur.


If we consider that we all want to unwind from time to times and that alcohol is often the chosen substance used for the job, Cannabis is an healthier and less harmful alternative.

The effects differ significantly. While Alcohol destroys liver and stimulate emotions of aggression and is a tremendous cost to the NHS.

Cannabis has calming, mood-enhancing and anti-anxiety effects. It is used in treatments of pain, anxiety, epilepsy. When it comes to Healthcare, It is a healthier and more effective treatment to pain treatment than drugs based on opiates, which can cause addiction and increase toxins in the body.

We have to consider however that 80% of the cannabis sold in the UK is of type "Skunk", which is heavy in THC (20%+ )and low in CBD. This is a problem as too high dosage of such strains in the long term can provoke symptoms of paranoia and schizophrenia.

CBD has on the other hand anti-psychotic properties which counter-balance the effects of THC.

Legalization would allow for higher quality, more balanced and medical grade cannabis to be more redealy available. It will allow for more control and safety.

What more could you want, There is growing evidence to support the fact that Cannabis can treat cancer


The cannabis market in UK is worth 2.5 Billion £.

It is this amount that goes into the pockets of illegitimate drug dealers. This could end up fuelling a booming new industry and be taxed appropriately to fund new projects.

Legalization would freed up valuable time from police forces, which could be re-allocated to tackle more important social issues.


Knife crimes are often the case of territorial fighting over territory from dealers. Legalization will put an end to that phenomenon.

Regular users, which range from all walks of life, students, to city bankers, entrepreneur, parents, would stop feeling anxious about being caught by police forces or dealing with drug dealers.

Cannabis has been legalised in the Netherlands for years. It has recently got legalised in Canada and in 9 states of the U.S. It is time for UK to come out of the closet and for politics to update to our modern day and age.

What is the U.K waiting for?