The Transhumanist (tea-time) show!

David and I decided to run a little experiment in which we would have a conversation under the spell of a great British tradition: Tea time!

Joining the mindful and the pleasurable.

Our first iteration was mostly on the topic of mental health. But we shared also our views on Brexit and how a better approach could have been in order.

Honesty and simplicity over posturing is the idea.


The Psychedelic Society UK:

"Innovation and Its Enemies: Why People Resist New Technologies" by Calestous Juma:

1799 painting of the disruption of a group of Swedish women drinking coffee, with the women hurrying to try to hide the evidence:

Chart comparing the harm ranking of different drugs:

As you might notice. Alcohol is pretty high on the list.  On par with Cristal Meth and worse than Cocaine!

London Futurists event on Saturday 15th April, "The future of mental health":

TPUK Dashboard on H+Pedia:

The Alternative UK:

London Futurists event on Monday 8th April, "Overturning entrenched politics: the example of Extinction Rebellion":

Like every experiment it starts small and humble and grow from there. That's the idea of the "MVP" or (Minimum Viable Product).

Our aim is to refine the formula until we find the sweet spot! 

But we'd have to say we're quite happy with the end result and plan to do more of these in the future.

But what would it be?

Tell us!